Why Choose an Independent Family Funeral Director?

Personal Pride

Why Choose UsAll our attention is concentrated on satisfying the needs of our friends and neighbours. We are not distracted or bound by corporate rules handed down from head office and shareholders. We are flexible and responsive to your needs. This is our business. Our neighbourhood is your neighbourhood and we take personal pride in serving you well.

Devoted to families, not profits

Large concerns answer to shareholders. We answer to you. In our locally owned firm there is no pressure from head office to increase profits. We know our business will do well when we serve you well.

Knowledge of local traditions

Funeral traditions vary greatly around the country. We know and appreciate local customs and expectations, because we have served in this community for years. On the other hand, the staff and management assigned to a funeral home from a national company may be from another area. Ignorance of local traditions might cause disappointment when expectations are not met.

What’s in a name?

Why Choose UsIn all forms of business today there are big, international companies that have made their profits through taking over small firms. The funeral profession is no exception. Many businesses have been swallowed up by the giants. The trouble is, there isn’t usually a change of name to tell you the difference. That makes it hard for you to distinguish between the family owned firm and the conglomerate. Without asking you may never know if the owners your family have trusted over the years continue to make the decisions which will affect the service you receive.

Long Term Commitment

Not only do we want to meet your current needs, we also seek to build a relationship of trust, so that you will return to us in the future. We have a long term commitment to our community. This is where we live and work. It’s where we plan to stay. When you need us, we’ll be here.

Our Services

Pre paid funerals leedsWe are able to provide you with a complete funeral service individually designed to incorporate your every need. We have expertise in arranging traditional and non-religious funerals, burials with nature and pre-paid funeral plans throughout Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Below are details of some of the funeral services we provide:

  • Complete guidance on every aspect of making the funeral arrangements.
  • 24 hour sympathetic personal service.
  • Estimates and professional advice without obligation.
  • Supplying floral tributes.
  • Design and printing of service sheets.
  • Placing of newspaper notices.
  • Handling of donations.
  • Monumental masonry.
  • Catering.
  • Supply of a wide range of traditional and modern coffins.
  • Pre paid funerals
  • Funeral plans

If something you require is not detailed above then please ask us. It is our aim to adapt our services to meet your specific requirements.